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Hillary Takes Ice Bucket Challenge -

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blesic - September 21, 2014, 11:12 pm
Very good!

AMERICANS - They will never stand in line for Socialist medicine--EVER!

YOU JUST CAN'T MAKE THIS SHIT UP! - California lawmaker Gil Cedillo introduces a bill (now on Gov. Moonbeam's desk) that makes it more difficult to arrest illegals at sobriety checkpoints, or to impound vehicles for no license or registration.

BUCK OFAMA 2012 - The rally cry of the sane in 2012.... Time to take back our nation from the statists, marxists, commies, socialists and the helpless looking for handouts.

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY - Time Magazine reports a poll where Americans sense our decline and our vulnerability.Thanks to the hope and change from regime Obama!

Reeaallyy -

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StoneTools - May 17, 2013, 8:06 am
Apparently just one scapegoat in a large herd.


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KALKAM - October 16, 2012, 9:58 am
spot on...

Obamacare didn't cancel your insurance -

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OTC - November 7, 2013, 1:03 pm
20years? I think the people who liked their plan, lost it, and tried to get insured on healthcare.gov figured it out in 20 minutes.
Curlyrocks - November 6, 2013, 11:28 pm
Obamacare is so long and complicated that it will probably be about 20 years before we figure out who f**ked who and how.
OTC - November 6, 2013, 11:22 pm
Its even possible that they were lied to
OTC - November 6, 2013, 11:22 pm
I'm sure you're right, but they probably didn't know about the 'minimal health coverage' which cut into their profits
Curlyrocks - November 6, 2013, 10:15 pm
You can't tell me that the insurance companies didn't have a hand in writing a law that says you must buy insurance or be punished.
StoneTools - November 6, 2013, 7:04 pm
That's why the AARP backed obamacare, they stand to make a mint off of it, but it's bad for the senior citizens that they are supposed to support. How many AARP members need bre*** pumps and maternity care?
fauxnews - November 6, 2013, 6:43 pm
TRANSLATION (OTC.a.k.a.Arnnatz a.k.a.STool's sock): Maybe I will respond to my own post with my other phony account like the good little fail troll I am since no one else seems to be defending my lame position in this. X-D
fauxnews - November 6, 2013, 6:40 pm
You forgot to also compare it to Columbine, 9/11 and the Holocaust...lol..This is why you lose elections, wanker. You tea baggers open your mouth and the voters say, "Hmmm...after hearing that, I think I will go with the stable calm black guy." FAIL
OTC - November 6, 2013, 5:50 pm
Right curly, insurance companies thought they would benefit from the ACA, guess they too should have read it before it pas$ed.
OTC - November 6, 2013, 5:49 pm
Don't throw facts in this and confuse the liberal, its law now and it can't change, well, other than the violating of one law by Obama to make unilateral changes to another law that's a fallacy, but that is beside the liberal point- once its law, thats it
Curlyrocks - November 6, 2013, 5:41 pm
It certainly does Guy. I wasn't trying to un-validate (if that's a word) anyone. What I was trying to do is validate the point that insurance companies would never let the ACA go through if it didn't benefit them some how.
StoneTools - November 6, 2013, 5:29 pm
Yeah, it will become the law of the land, just like the Fugitive Slave Act, Prohibition, and other bogus laws.
OTC - November 6, 2013, 4:05 pm
Well curly, that kinda validates the poster, eh?
Curlyrocks - November 6, 2013, 2:57 pm
Curlyrocks - November 6, 2013, 2:33 pm
The only horror story i'v seen was about people who where on a great plan for many years, then got sick but where fully covered for many years, only to lose their plan due to the ACA.
OTC - November 6, 2013, 12:02 pm
And the new 'minimum health coverage' that increases the costs of health insurance and forces coverage for things most people won't need or don't want.
OTC - November 6, 2013, 12:00 pm
Curly, people with pre-existing conditions could not get insurance because it was unprofitable for the insurance company. Now companies are dropping coverage for employees or cutting hours to under 30 a week (which will hurt the economy) because of ACA
Curlyrocks - November 5, 2013, 8:18 pm
Ok well that may be true that it needs time to grow, (I don't believe it but it may be true)that doesn't mean that insurance companies won't use the opportunity to "trim the fat" and cut people and plans that are unprofitable.
fauxnews - November 5, 2013, 8:16 pm
...America has bigger problems to worry about than this Healthcare law.The economy and the environment are on the precipice of collapse.The world needs to focus on the bigger picture, not petty egos or politics.This will work itself out.Humanity might not
fauxnews - November 5, 2013, 8:14 pm
Oh, that's rubbish mate. The Americans current oligarchical health care system has been failing for 20 years now. Just like any new law (Social Security, etc.) it will become part of the fabric of society since it's now the law of the land...
Curlyrocks - November 5, 2013, 8:11 pm
Forced or gave them the opportunity, either way it's f**ked.


DO THE MATH - Democrats propose ~$6 billion in cuts for a 1 Trillion/year deficit. When the deficit is ~30% of the budget, a 0.6% cut is what you'd call "A Drop in the Bucket".

PRESIDENT'S DAY - The Presidents stop here.

HEY REPUBLICANS - Already forgotten who REALLY squandered taxpayer-dollars?

Buck never stops -

SO MUCH FOR HOPE N CHANGE - Someone needs to tell Farack we're Bucking Froke!


Capitalist-Hating Hippies -


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MashiMashi - February 7, 2015, 1:22 pm
Then why are both the left and right going after them so hard
premiumgrade - February 5, 2015, 9:17 pm
There is no such thing as white privilege. That myth is only believed by liberal.